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Oris Watches

Oris Watches

Oris Watches - From Merry Richards Jewelers of Chicago

In a world where so much technology is shifting to purely digital platforms, Merry Richards Jewelers works to preserve more classic approaches to timepieces, giving Chicago clientele a link to the refined heritage of luxury watches that has spanned centuries. With this in mind, Merry Richards Jewelers was inevitably drawn to Oris, a Swiss watchmaking company in operation for over a century. Oris has made its mark on timepiece industry (and artistry) by remaining committed to only producing purely mechanical watches???no batteries or any sort of digital component, ever.

Why Buy Oris Watches from Merry Richards?

Oris watches have traveled all over the world and, while certainly being crafted at a luxury level, are designed for everyday wear. After all, what good is a watch that can’t stand the test of time and be sported on a regular basis? Merry Richards Jewelers holds to this same perspective: a piece of jewelry or other luxury accessory may be beautiful to behold, but if it can only be maintained by keeping it tucked away from appreciative eyes, what’s the point? Merry Richards Jewelers takes great pride in offering a revolutionary shopping experience. Their commitment to providing superb customer service helps solidify the strong bonds they build with today’s perceptive consumer. To meet the ever-changing demands of its customers, Merry Richards Jewelers offers a luxurious shopping atmosphere and exclusive brands that are unrivaled.

The History of Oris Watches

Over the years, Oris timepieces have gilded the wrists of numerous luminous people from all manner of industries and backgrounds. Two Formula 1 racers, Nico Rosberg and Allan Mcnish, for instance, often endorse the watchmaker. Oris timepieces are divided into four main collections: Culture, Diving, Aviation, and Motor Sport. Of course, Merry Richards Jewelers doesn’t require proof of involvement in any of these areas in order for Chicago customers to choose an Oris watch from any of these styles. The Oris watch brand also pays particular homage to jazz music. In fact, an entire line of Oris timepieces are dedicated to jazz greats, with designs named after jazz greats such as Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker, and Bob Dylan. For a while, Oris went so far as to host a jazz festival where notables like Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Duke Ellington performed for adoring crowds.

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