Necklaces in Oakbrook at Merry Richards Jewelers

Characteristics of Necklaces

At Merry Richards Jewelers in Oakbrook Terrace, we offer a wide variety of beautiful necklaces and other fine jewelry. Each piece is designed specifically for how you choose to wear it: casually, elegantly, and for those special occasions. A necklace is the only piece of jewelry that has the ability to stand out. Worn around your neck, each piece can be dainty to a statement and will always be seen. Many necklaces include additional attachments inset or attached to: pendants, lockets, amulets, crosses, and others made out of precious and semi-precious materials such as diamonds, pearls, sapphires and emeralds.

Popular Collections of Necklaces at Merry Richards Jewelers

Offered at our Oakbrook Terrace retailer, we provide many different unique, popular, and well-known necklace collections. TACORI’s collections include Love Letters, Color Medley, Classic Crescent, and Island rains. These collections offer signature design elements like the gorgeous crescent silhouette, which is also available in engagement and wedding rings. Simon G  Collections include design collections like Modern Enchantment, Mosaic, Vintage Explorer, Garden, Classic Romance, and Passion. What makes Simon G so incredibly special lies in both their stunning designs but also in the intricate attention to the details in each piece of fine jewelry.

Christopher Designs also combines the special knowledge and subtle connection of light refraction from the designers experience in engineering with jewelry making to create his patented diamond cutting technique that increase the sparkle and brilliance of his diamonds and diamond cuts. Finally, the unique Henderson collection is built on the principle of contrast and is designed to be both temporary and classic while still being luxurious. The collection offers special pieces suitable for everyday, casual wear.

Why Shop at Merry Richards Jewelers in Oakbrook Terrace?

The name Merry Richards is synonymous with the finest cut diamonds. We are located in the area of Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois and our showroom is near many cities: Hinsdale, Northbrook, Evanston and Naperville. We are a family-owned and operated luxury jeweler that offers the finest jewelry and bridal collections. We sell the highest quality diamonds in our showroom. Founded in 1985, we have been serving our community with our fine selection of fine jewelry items including wedding bandsengagement rings, loose diamonds, and more.

For more information on sales, products, events, and jewelry repair and cleaning services offered at our showroom location, please visit or call (650)-516-8000.