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Christopher Designs at Merry Richards Jewelers

About Christopher Designs

Poland-born Christopher Slowinski apprenticed under master jewelers in his home country and in the United States. By 1981, he was ready to create Christopher Designs. His engineering experience with light refraction led him to generate a patented diamond-cutting technique that increases the sparkle of his diamonds. While many techniques only use 48 facets, Slowinski's Crisscut method utilizes 77 crisscrossed facets. Initially used for emerald shapes, the technique eventually expanded to cushions and brilliant cuts. The Brilliant Crisscut has a remarkable 109 facets. It appears round, but it actually has 12 straight sides. This feature creates the optical illusion of a scalloped border.

Popular Christopher Designs Collections at Merry Richards Jewelers

While Christopher Designs does offer women's fashion jewelry, their diamond expertise makes them a popular engagement ring brand. The original emerald- and cushion-cut styles are still as brilliant as ever. A modern take on the cushion is the Asscher. Asscher-cut diamonds are rounded squares like cushions, but the plane-shaped facets resemble emeralds. The Crisscut Round looks particularly unique as a solitaire; a halo makes it harder to see the signature scalloped appearance created by the faceting technique. The ultra-distinct L’Amour Crisscut features groundbreaking facets that you need to see to believe. Each of these diamond shapes is also available for anniversary bands.

As a wedding-oriented design house, Christopher Designs is proud to provide customers with full wedding sets. Bands are sold separately to match an engagement ring while allowing the bride more options for individuality. Some bands are simple with industry standards like pavé diamonds, open or twisted shanks, or channel-set baguettes. Other styles, however, are more unique to the brand. The scalloped Crisscut Round is available on wedding bands. Thick ropes of the new Crisscut L’Amour lend a truly remarkable, icy appearance. Some bands even combine L'Amour diamonds with rounds or frame the L'Amours in diamond-encrusted details.

Why Shop for Christopher Designs at Merry Richards Jewelers?

Merry Richards Jewelers is located in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois near Northbrook, Hinsdale, Evanston, and Naperville. Because we sell only the highest quality diamonds in our exquisite showroom, “the name Merry Richards is synonymous with the finest cut diamonds”. Established in 1985, founders Merry and Richard make it a point to personally travel to major diamond cutting centers around the world to source the gemstones used in our pieces. For more information on our products, services, or hours, please visit our website or call us at (650)-516-8000.