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Spotlight on TACORI’s Fashion Jewelry

July 1st, 2020

Spotlight on TACORI’s Fashion Jewelry

Known best for their work in bridal designs, TACORI is lauded for their ability to infuse everyday life with the regality and sumptuousness normally associated with what is commonly the most exciting and decorated day of our lives.

TACORI fashion jewelry can be described as elegantly simple, allowing the power of the diamonds and gold they compose it out of to shine to the fullest extent possible. The TACORI brand is a testament to how powerful an artistic statement can be when tailored to the true needs and desires of a demographic thirsty for their next big thing.

The Start of a Legacy

It can be easy to take the freedom to grow for granted. Gilda TACORIan’s family originated in Romania. Under their Communist regime, her father, a master jeweler, was ordered to cease production and forfeit every part of his business, capital, raw materials, and all. When caught continuing illegally, he was detained by the government for one year.

The family eventually fled the country and landed on our shores in 1970 to begin anew. They founded B&T Jewelers, a precursor to TACORI, before starting TACORI itself later in 1979. Since then, the duo have made their mark on the industry, producing everything under their name right from their headquarters in sunny Los Angeles, California.

tacori fashion jewelry in oakbrook

Timeless Elegance in Design

Several lines of TACORI fashion jewelry focus on adding a coordinated pop of color to the ensemble, presenting the wearer with matching earrings and necklaces in one of more than a few appealing palettes; the Sonoma Skies line encapsulates the blues and violets of the ocean, for example, while their individually-monochromatic Horizon Shine collection invites you to choose your own adventure with a multitude of stunningly minimal gemstone bracelets and fashion rings.

The Ivy Lane, Horizon Shine, and Sonoma Mist all consist of polished, clean pieces designed to impart a classy polish to your look, both labels being excellent choices for switching up your routine for the office. If you’re one to wear your heart on your sleeve, The Love Letters collection gives you the opportunity to let your initials adorn any part of the body for all to see.

Find Fine Fashion at Merry Richards Jewelers

A community pillar of Oakbrook Terrace’s Jewelers Row since 1985, Merry Richards has called Chicagoland its home for nearly four decades. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to selecting every piece in our showcase, our collection of TACORI fashion jewelry certainly being no exception. Our team of experts includes a full-service jewelry customization team; if you can dream it, we can build it, right here in our luxury jewelry store. For a consultation, appraisal, or repair appointment, we are always on the line for your call.