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Tips to Find the Perfect Earrings

Slipping on a pair of earrings will enhance any outfit. However, with so many different options, choosing the right style can be confusing. At first, it may seem obvious—simply choose a style that stands out to you, whether that be hoops, studs, huggies, or drops. While it’s important to trust your gut, there might be more to consider. Did you know certain earrings will compliment your face shape? Our guide will explain what earrings pair ideally with your face shape, taking into account the unique features that each one boasts.

The Round Shaped Face:

Round faces are characterized by their soft features and wide cheekbones. The goal of the earrings should be to lengthen the appearance of the face. Drop earrings, long dangling, and narrow designs are the ideal fit. Avoid circular earrings like hoops and round studs. These types of earrings shorten the face, making it appear even more round.

The Square Shaped Face:

A striking face shape with sharp angles and the same width at the temple, cheekbone, and jawline needs something to soften and lengthen it. Hoops and geometric designs as well as medium to long length earrings are a great choice. For a bolder look, wear sharp geometric shapes to bring more attention to these outstanding features.

The Heart Shaped Face:

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Campbell have heart-shaped faces. Heart shape faces that have a wide forehead and a pointed chin. The goal is to find an earring that can strike a balance between the two. Earrings that gently curve from a narrow top to a wide bottom are an ideal choice; however, dangling gemstone drops are another option, as well as intertwining hoops.

The Oval Shaped Face:

Oval-shaped faces are similar to the round but more elongated. Characterized by the forehead being slightly larger than the chin, people with this face shape can make a striking impression. Cindy Crawford and Rhianna are celebrities that have this face shape. People with this shape should wear shorter, thicker hoops or some chic ear huggies to contrast the length of the face and add some width.

The Diamond Shaped Face:

A balance between sharp and soft, the diamond shaped face allows for a lot of creativity. Their features include a narrow forehead that gently slopes to wide cheekbones and finally to a narrow chin. Studs, drop earrings, and those with more width than length are the best choices for someone who wants to complement their sharp cheeks. A good rule of thumb is to avoid earrings that mimic the face shape and those that are wider at the top or middle.

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