Your Guide to the Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Spring 2018

May 11th, 2018

Your Guide to the Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Spring 2018

Spring has finally arrived, and with it, fantastic jewelry trends that mark the changing of the seasons. With the arrival of spring, comes springtime festivals and plenty of time spent outdoors celebrating some of the best weather the year has to offer.

As a result, the glittering gold and silver styles of the winter season are being traded in for more vibrant and distinctive looks. Between exotic mix-and-match styles, colorful design choices, and more, this spring jewelry designs break the mold to create unique pieces that will turn heads.

Gold Hoops for All Spring Occasions

Gold hoops at Merry Richards Jewelers

Whether you’re out at a spring festival or enjoying brunch with friends, gold hoop earrings can fit almost any occasion. Fortunately, the gold hoop earring is a very popular choice this spring. There are many styles to choose from, including the stunning pieces found in Mont Blanc’s While these earrings come in rose gold and silver, these gorgeous hoop earrings are an easy choice to make this season.

TACORI also has a line of classic gold hoop earrings in their iconic Ivy Lane collection that will take center stage this spring. With rose gold and traditional yellow gold variants, these hoop earrings stand out from the rest with eye-popping diamond studs that run along the length of the hoop.

The Importance of the Pendant

Nothing screams “spring festival jewelry” more than layered pendants. Stacked necklaces seem to be all the rage this spring, and you can expect to see it everywhere from SXSW to Coachella. Pendant styles in trend right now break the traditional look and instead opt for something more exotic and freeform.

Pendant necklaces at Merry Richards Jewelers

The pieces in Simon G’s Garden collection would fit perfectly with this trend towards unique pendant designs. The pendants find inspiration from nature, creating a look that will garner attention from other spring festival attendees.

As mentioned before, layering is going to be a big deal this spring — and chain necklaces can be a brilliant addition to any necklace stack.

Simple yet beautiful, subtle yet eye-catching, the chain necklace will be a staple for your Spring 2018 look. Simon G’s Modern Enchantment collection is filled with chain necklaces that will undoubtedly impress.

Return to the Basics

This spring, vintage rings are back. And much like the trend of layered pendants, rings this spring are meant to be stacked. 

Vintage gemstone rings at Merry Richards Jewelers

Whether you want to wear a luxuriously classic gemstone ring from TACORI’s Color Medley collection or have your eye on the colorful gemstones of Simon G’s Vintage Explorer collection, as long as there is a big colorful gemstone you can do no wrong.

Spring is the time to express and celebrate the vibrancy of color, and just like nature, your fashion jewelry should match this blooming of color.

Dive into Spring Trends at Merry Richards

At Merry Richards Jewelers, you can find these and many other jewelry pieces that will undoubtedly stand out this spring season. At their Oakbrook Terrace showroom, they sell some of the highest quality loose diamonds, bridal jewelry, and fashion jewelry pieces. Merry Richards is a luxury jeweler that knows the importance of seasonal trends and has a wide selection of items in their luxurious showroom.

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