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Winter 2017 Jewelry Trends

December 6th, 2017

This winter season brings in unique and bold jewelry to the forefront. Marked with a litany of special events, this festive season calls for daring and eccentric looks to stand out in a party. Winter 2017 jewelry trends take a note of fall’s statement trend by upping the ante. From large hoop earrings in brilliant gold to nostalgic pearls echoing yesteryear, this season’s jewelry trends fit in line with anyone looking to spice up their holiday looks. Take a look at these vibrant accessories you can start sporting now.

Large Hoops

No matter what occasion, large hoops are all the rage. Whether you choose gold, silver, or any other precious metal, you can fit right in with the most fashionable of trendsetters. In fact, the larger the hoop earring, the better. It doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy or minimalistic. The choice is yours. Merry Richards offers hoop earrings for any fashion style. The Merry Richards Earrings 27, for example, have a wonderful gold polish with whimsical, gem-encrusted flowers to accentuate the piece. Indulge yourself with these sparkling earrings to show off at your next special event.

For an edgier look, turn to the TACORI Classic Rock SE13819 which features striking black onyx stones to adorn the smooth silver hoop. The earrings also feature a hidden 18kt gold gem seal in the interior to ramp up the elegance of these show-stopping accessories. These earrings pair well with another winter trend, punk rock-inspired clothing chock-full of rings, studs, patches, and more.


Pearls in any type of jewelry are in. Although they might remind fashion lover of styles of the past, modern pearl necklaces and earrings take a new form from traditional designs. Contemporary styles almost evoke a futuristic look in pearl jewelry designs. Pearl necklaces can showcase a more refined aspect of your personality. This Merry Richards 08 Necklace covers all the bases of a fine winter necklace. The striking pearl pendant hangs decorously from a stone accented chain that would be the star of any outfit this holiday season. Pair some hoop earrings with a pearl necklace for a bold and daring look.

Pearl earrings can also help you bring in the festivities. This Merry Richards 36 Earring comes in 14k yellow gold paired with a creamy white and radiant ruby gemstone, perfect for Christmas parties. The red, white, and gold palette can make everything from an evening gown to a little black dress stand out. Mont Blanc’s Boheme Collection features a sterling silver piece with round pearls that evoke a pure, minimalist style. This style is perfect for block colored outfits or long, flowing dresses.

Large Pendants

You might have noticed a trend pop up in these winter 2017 jewelry trends. This season, statement pieces are seen everywhere from street wear to the runways. Large pendants can, especially, make a big splash. Necklaces can feature a variety of pendants to reflect your personal style. This piece on the Simon G Passion collection shows off an attractive crimson red pear-shaped stone surrounded by round white diamonds. The color red immediately invokes a Christmas-feel.

The Simon G Classic Romance collection includes the DP257 which reminds one of a snowflake. The gorgeous and intricately designed pendant blends heirloom-type beauty in a modern piece. Another winter find includes the Lisa Nik Necklace GACH20RD outfitted with a handcrafted cut of the aqua-colored stone. This can be perfect for matching with cooler colored clothing or white and gray.

You don’t need to be a master of accessorizing to make yourself look great this holiday season. These jewelry winter trends are meant to bring out your distinct and personal style. Whether you layer and combine all trends or stick to one at a time, you can experiment to see what works for you. Here’s to a happy new year and winter-themed jewelry.