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Unleash Your Inner Executive with These Tips for Wearing Jewelry at the Office

October 1st, 2019

Unleash Your Inner Executive with These Tips for Wearing Jewelry at the Office

Looking your best is a must when the goal is to perform your best at work - call us shallow, but we truly believe that a woman who feels good will do good, no bones about it. Toeing the line between acceptability and being just a little too extra when you’re on the job can be tricky, especially for those just setting out on the first steps of their career. As worker bees here at the shop, we pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between fab and grown-up.

Keeping it Classy...

As with all office protocol, maintaining an air of politeness is key with a capital K. We know we don’t have to tell you this, but when you’re working, the focus should be kept on the work. As much as getting dressed to the outrageous nines every day scintillates us, being courteous of your officemates is always, always, always your surest bet to ensure success. Unfortunately, this will usually mean you’re going to have to leave some of your favorite statement pieces at home nine to five Monday through Friday.

Try to avoid loud pieces that can be distracting to others - muted, neutral colors, clean lines and shapes, and timeless styles that even your stuffiest coworkers can get behind are generally going to be good options no matter where you work. Diamond studs and diamond necklaces give a regal flourish to your look. A subtle diamond bracelet provides just the right flash of sparkle to keep you going through that midweek hump.

...While Still Making a Splash

With that being said, however, safe does not always have to equate to a boring, lackluster look. There are plenty of designers that specialize in making the mundane much more fun without coming across as unprofessional to your higher-ups and clients outside of the company.

TACORI is one great example. Their stuff is just a few steps up from pure minimalism (a great aesthetic for a young woman on the rise) and they incorporate lots of exciting colors tastefully. Honestly, wearing their jewelry gives us a better jolt than our morning cup of joe.

Wearing Jewelry at the Office

Watches: Form Meets Function

Having a great watch is something every professional woman needs to experience. Timepieces allow you to dress up your staple ensembles and won’t make them too glitzy, tacky, or obnoxious. Plus, having a cute watch will allow you to check out the time without getting sucked into the rabbithole of your phone. Great for productivity. Win, win.

We love Piaget watches for both men and women. They’re bold without going totally over the edge.

Looking for More Tips for Wearing Jewelry at the Office?

We’ve got you. The expert team here at Merry Richards Jewelers is determined to help you shine in your place of business at any and all cost. Booking an appointment with a member of our staff is as simple as hitting us up online or giving us a ring, old-school style. For tips for wearing jewelry at the office as well as the rest of what we offer our clientele, you can always count on us.