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The Hot New Seven Jewelry Trends of the Summer

July 7th, 2017

The summer’s jewelry fashion trends are hot off the runway from New York City’s fashion week. Celebs and high fashion models are already heating up the fashion scene with these seven, scorching hot, must-have fashions. Here are the fashion jewelry looks heating up this summer’s hotspots.

1. Statement Necklaces

Necklaces are back in a huge way this summer. The first summer trend is the statement necklace. This means large pendants that make an unforgettable entrance. Start your collection with cross necklaces and religious necklaces; they were all over the runway.

2. Layered necklaces from your chin all the way down to your chest.

When we said necklaces were making a big comeback, we meant it. From dainty chockers all the way down to the longest of sautoirs, layering is definitely back. Chain necklaces are great for layering. When it comes to necklaces, less is not more this summer, more is more!

3. Go big, or go home with earrings.

Statement earrings join statement necklaces in heating up this summer’s fashions. Chandelier earrings and drop earringsare two go-to collections for the earrings that all the it-girls will be sporting.  

4. Emeralds are the gem of this summer.

Green is all over from jewelry, to clothing, to shoes and purses. From light to bright, in green is how everyone wants to be seen. Yes, that was Mila Kunis you saw on the Red Carpet in those epic emeralds!

5. The other color of the summer is white, with pearls making a big splash.

The vintage styling trends are making a comeback with pearls for those in the know this summer. Bonus, that glamorous pearl necklace will complement that summer tan, gorgeously.

6. Bunches of bangles.

Layering is the single biggest jewelry fashion trend of the summer season, and bracelets are no exception. Pile on bangles and bracelet cuffs to get this hot look.

7. Stacks on stacks of rings.

Rings are getting in on the layering this summer too. Yes, we see the pattern, layer, layer, layer! Multiple rings on the same finger are not overdoing it this season, all the fashionistas will be giving their fingers the stacking treatment. Don’t forget the manicure to show off those ring-lined fingers with added flair. 

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