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Stay Trendy this Summer with Summertime Statement Earrings

July 3rd, 2018

Stay Trendy this Summer with Summertime Statement Earrings

As summer plows onward in an unstoppable, tumultuous rage, we here at Merry Richards are feeling the call of the wild. The ravenous inner hunger demands one thing, and one thing only: trending statement earrings, the likes of which we’ve never experienced before.

If you find yourself in the same boat, we feel for you. Read on to discover some of our favorite trending earring styles, just in time for that mid-summer slump.

Gold Hoops

Clearly, these are a year-round staple. However, with the growing popularity of bohemian styles comes a resurgence in this old standard’s popularity. Versatile enough to be dressed either up or down, even the most average, run-of-the-mill pair will get you through plenty of tough times, the perfect blank canvas to complement any style or outfit.

This summer, though we are so feeling gold hoops that go beyond the usual and stand out - statement earrings that elevate the ensemble as a whole instead of simply fading to the sidelines as a mere accessory.

Bright Gemstones

It goes without saying that if there is any time of year more appropriate for your boldest attire and flashiest baubles, it’s the blinding beauty of summer days and the dusky heat of those impromptu summer nights. Make sure your accouterments are up to the task of standing up in the face of such audacious fashion statements – deeply saturated gems make for some of the most effective statement earrings, tying your look together like the two proverbial cherries on top.

Gemstone earrings at Merry Richards Jewelers

Bright doesn’t always equate to being tacky; these sophisticated stones will feel just as at ease on date night as they will while you’re out to brunch with the ladies.

Playing with the colors is always encouraged. Feeling matchy? Put together a monochromatic palette featuring your favorite greens, yellows, or lilacs from your wardrobe.

Those more adventurous among us may be interested in taking a more avant-garde route – if you consider yourself one of them, feel free to mix it up; power-clashing is so in right now, and an excellent way to make those earrings that feel like odds and ends during the more demure months shine.

Unique Metalwork

We’ve taken a gander at a lot of truly exceptional pieces over the course of this blog entry. If we’re being really honest right now, though, we’ve definitely saved the best for last. Our absolute favorite summer earring trend is that of unique metalwork. Whether wrought out of gold or silver, we are completely obsessed with anything different than the usual fare, and the more intricate, the better.

Unique earrings at Merry Richards Jewelers

Check out this beauty from the Henderson Collection for inspiration.

You see, summer to us is all about deviating from the norm, trying out pieces and trends we generally would be much too bashful to take on during the colder seasons; there is no time of the year we feel more adventurous than now, making it the perfect opportunity to get a bit reckless with your choices of adornment. In our humble opinions, these statement earrings are the perfect place to begin.

For more information on the summery statement earrings we carry at Merry Richards Jewelers, feel free to get in contact with us by calling (630) 516-8000 or visiting our beautiful showroom in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.