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Six Unique Engagement Ring Styles Perfect For You

October 11th, 2020

For many soon-to-be brides, an engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry she’ll ever receive. There’s no shortage of exquisite and interesting designs that can not only represent a couple’s romantic love but also reflect her personal style as well.

We have created a guide to help discover the most appropriate and inspired piece for your big day. Understanding the characteristics of unique engagement ring styles will help you narrow down which style has the best potential to become your dream engagement ring.

Which Unique Engagement Ring Represents Your Style?

Asymmetrical Silhouettes

A pear-shaped diamond is an intriguing, unusual choice for an engagement ring and if you are considering choosing this fancy cut for your ring, you likely have an original, independent streak and adore taking the road less traveled. This asymmetrical teardrop shape resonates on a deep level with brides who want to stand out from the crowd and are happy to be a little different.

With amazing brilliance and entrancing elongated shape, pear-shaped diamonds are rare. There is a wide variety of band styles and settings to match the standout shape, but in all cases, this style will be sure to attract attention from others and perhaps even spark a bit of envy.

Grab the Baguette

There is so much to love about baguette diamonds! These delicate step cuts bring Art Deco opulence and a vintage flair into your daily style. Baguette cut diamonds are step-cut and often rectangular looking, which is similar to an emerald cut diamond, but with square corners.

Baguette cut engagement rings are considered a novelty cut by some, but are ideal for the quirky, untamed rebel brides. With brilliantly-styled facets and a compelling kite-shaped cut, these engagement rings are guaranteed to be showstopping.

Sultry Sapphire

Since ancient times, the indigo-hued sapphire has been associated with royalty, tradition, wisdom, and romance, making it the perfect gemstone for an engagement ring. Available in a multitude of colors, but most famously deep blue, sapphire gemstones can immediately set you apart from the crowd.

Sometimes the sapphire gemstone is overlooked, but it can be time to break from traditional styles when seeking the right reflection of your unique love story. If you have an adventurous spirit, fed by adoration of the ocean and the open sky, consider a blue sapphire engagement ring.

Springtime Harmony

Pink signifies the blush of love and yellow symbolizes optimism and hope, so those seeking beauty with a subtle pop of meaningful color, look no further. Yellow and pink diamond engagement rings are some of the most eccentric, yet evocative styles out there that will have observers longing for your ring.

Adding a yellow or pink halo also can bring out the absolute glamour-effect of any ring and showcase the colorful and exciting love you share with your significant other. They’re truly a rare sight to see, but never disappointing once you’re actually wearing this style of engagement ring.

Embrace Your Love Story

For some, nothing better represents a love story than an intertwining engagement ring. They’re specifically meant to symbolize the now-interconnected lives of a husband and wife. The lines of the band create an infinity-like sign by twisting together that hearkens to the forever of a couples journey now intertwined.

This unique engagement ring design represents the infinite capacity for love and emphasizes the never-ending commitment of marriage. With its diamond-filled finish and interlocking pattern, this style of engagement ring is guaranteed to be an eye-catching heirloom.

Discover Unique Engagement Rings at Merry Richards Jewelers

Whichever style is ultimately chosen, you are sure to feel a relieving joy and excitement when you decide on a ring that accurately reveals your heart. Merry Richards Jewelers is the first and last place to go for your top-of-the-line stunning engagement ring needs. We are focused on helping every couple find the perfect ring that will not only stun and sparkle, but will accent every bride-to-be’s unique personality.