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Simon G: The Epitome of Luxury and Elegance in Fine Jewelry

February 11th, 2019

Simon G: The Epitome of Luxury and Elegance in Fine Jewelry

What started off as an impossible dream for Simon Ghanimian turned into a passion for luxury jewelry-making. Simon G started off with humble roots working in the New York’s diamond district. His mission was to save enough to go to college. His plans soon changed into dreams of building a world-recognized jewelry brand. From the very beginning, Simon G has always defied possibilities in his career and jewelry designs.

Simon G provides luxury jewelry characterized by innovative designs and an elevated taste for the most important moments of your life. His award-winning designs include stunning engagement rings and bold fashion jewelry. In a world full of innovative jewelry designers, let’s explore what makes Simon G different and why they’re a leading jeweler for men and women.

Simon G Caters To All

Simon G Men's Bracelet

Luxury jewelry has often been relegated to women’s fashion, but it has a strong foothold with men, too. Simon G’s bold and fierce designs appeal to all genders. Men’s fashion deserves a boost of personality. That’s exactly what Simon G’s bracelet collection for men can do with its prevalence of strong colors and striking metals. Crafted in striking platinum or white gold, each bracelet features brilliant diamond stones on a classic pave setting. These bracelets go well with any formal or casual wear.

A Perfect Proposal

Simon G Passion Engagement Ring

Simon G’s engagement ring collections are inspired by classic designs. They retain an unvarnished and timeless beauty with their innovative and forward-thinking design details. For example, Simon G’s Passion collection features dramatic and bold flairs paired with delicate and minimalistic embellishments. Needless to say, this collection features show-stopping designs and larger-than-life diamonds that make a statement.

Simon G Classic Romance Engagement Ring

Simon G continues its fairy-tale-inspired takes on engagement rings with its Classic Romance collection. These engagement rings are simple, understated, and elegant for the no-frills individual. The Classic Romance collection features distinctive details and charming designs that will make your partner feel like an heir to the throne.

On Your Special Day

Simon G Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Simon G crafts breathtaking wedding bands for men and women to showcase the love and devotion you have for your partner. Featuring a variety of stunning metal types and contemporary styles, Simon G’s wedding bands are diamond-studded and elegant, no matter what metal tone or design style you go with. Simon G’s has a strong commitment to making your special occasions even more memorable.

Elevate Any Look

Simon G Earrings

Even if it’s not your wedding day, there’s a Simon G jewelry piece that can be the centerpiece of your wardrobe. Simon G’s Vintage Explorer collection features earrings that borrow influences from vintage jewelry and exude opulence, sophistication, and taste. For a more whimsical look, Simon G offers their Modern Enchantment collection featuring feather and droplet designs and other unique shapes that stand out.

A stunning pair of earrings isn’t complete without complementary accessories including bracelets, fashion rings, necklaces, and more. For example, Simon G’s Mosaic bracelet collection pairs well with any Vintage Explorer piece because they both focus on classic, vintage styles. Like the Vintage Explorer collection, The Mosaic collection features flawless and brilliant diamonds.

Simon G Organic Allure Necklace

Many Simon G designs take a cue from mother nature’s organic and natural themes. Simon G’s Garden fashion ring collection features prominent floral and leaf motifs in soft and bold metal options. Nature and animal lovers will flock to Simon G’s Organic Allure necklace collection. Customers will find beautiful butterfly, feather, and sun-inspired designs.

Find Simon G Fine Jewelry at Merry Richards Jewelers

Simon G’s pieces are original works of art people can use to express themselves. Find all of Simon G’s most popular collections and luxury jewelry at Merry Richards Jewelers along with other top-name jewelry brands. If you’re in the area, feel free to pay us a visit. Our exceptional and welcoming staff will ensure you leave with a standout piece from Simon G or any of our other luxury jewelry brands.