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Remember These 6 Tips to Keep Your Luxury Watch Working for Years to Come

March 4th, 2019

Remember These 6 Tips to Keep Your Luxury Watch Working for Years to Come

Although many people see luxury watches as merely a beautiful way to tell the time or a status marker to show off to others, a well-made timepiece is more than that. With dozens of miniscule metal parts working in harmony towards a common goal, a watch is a mechanical miracle.

And although watches work flawlessly for weeks and months, regular care and effort is needed to ensure that your timepiece continues to run well.

But no need to fret! Keep these 6 tips in mind, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your watch breaking down or getting ruined.

Tips to Keep Your Luxury Watch Working Flawlessly

Read the Manual

Every designer watch should come with a manual, unless you bought yours secondhand. While the following tips are general rules to follow when it comes to watch care, you should always refer to the brand’s care guide to make sure that you do what is best for your timepiece.

Store Your Watch Properly

In addition to the manual, many watches will also come with a storage box to protect it from getting scratched or misplaced. This is perfectly fine for storing your watch when it is not being used. As your collection continues to grow, you may choose to invest in a larger storage item that holds multiple pieces at once.

Wind it Up

If you are an occasional watch-wearer, winding up your watch every few months when you aren’t using it is important as well. Doing so will prevent the chemicals and oils inside the watch case from hardening and getting in the way of the free-moving parts of the piece.

Wipe it Down

Wearing your watch regularly brings it into contact with oil, dirt, dust, and other particles that may damage or corrode your timepiece. Wiping down the entire watch -- watch case and straps -- every few weeks helps to keep your watch looking spotless. Take a damp soft cloth and wipe down the watch, and then follow it up with a dry cloth. Allow the watch to air dry before putting it away in its box.

Play Keep Away

No matter how sturdy your watch may look, it’s important to know that exposure to certain things can damage your piece -- potentially beyond repair. Make sure that you keep your luxury watch away from magnets, sudden impacts, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Also make sure never to open the watch case by yourself, as this can expose the movement inside to dirt and other particles that can hinder the workings of the timepiece.

Luxury Watch Care at Merry Richards Jewelers

Find Professional Watch Repair and Maintenance Services at Merry Richards Jewelers

Regular at-home cleaning and upkeep goes a long way in maintaining the quality of your luxury watch. However, professional cleaning and maintenance is also required to keep your timepiece running for years and years to come.

How often to bring in your watch depends on the brand and model; if you’re not sure, your best bet is to look to your watch’s manual. Bringing your watch to a licensed watch technician ensures that the work is completed thoroughly and accurately.

Here at Merry Richards Jewelers, we offer comprehensive watch repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of watchmakers. From battery replacement and quartz movement repairs to pressure testing and watch case polishing, our premier services will ensure that your luxury watch works just as well today as the day you first wore it.

For more information on the services we offer, contact our showroom in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois at 1-630-516-8000. Otherwise, to book an appointment with one of our watch technicians, visit our Contact page.

We look forward to helping you!