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Longines: A Timeless Staple Of Superior Watchmaking

February 10th, 2021

Longines watchmaking aims to carry on the legacy of the pioneer spirit, and that philosophy has catapulted them into generations of success. Their long legacy of sports timing dates all the way back to 1880. Even before then, Longines was creating watches for experienced professionals who counted on their extreme precision. Because professionals and athletes heavily relied on their technology, Longines was quite literally pioneering the future of watchmaking.

Their commitment to their partners has given way to numerous technological innovations, including the world’s first electronic-quartz clock, fly-back chronograph, and one of the first quartz wristwatches ever available to the public. Longines’s legacy of the pioneer spirit continues to live on to this day, as they continuously strive for cutting-edge innovation in their watchmaking.

Popular Watch Collections for Men

Longines’s master craftsmanship is on full display in the Master collection for men. This collection is unparalleled in terms of its range of customization, including a variety of watch complications designed to make timekeeping simpler. They also offer a wide range of colors and watch bands to maximize comfort and style. The Master Collection has a perfect fit for every personality.

For the man who values his roots and the technological marvels that came before him, there is the Vintage collection. It sports a variety of timeless designs that evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia at first glance. Buffed with the latest technological advancements, these watches sport the look of years past while still having the chops to compete with any modern timepiece. Coupled with the selection of snug leather watch bands, the Vintage collection is hard to pass up.

Those with a more athletic and active lifestyle will find exactly what they need in the Hydroconquest collection. Each watch boasts the sturdiness to withstand the toughest of conditions, making them perfect for working out, hiking, and going for a swim. If you are looking for a watch with a sharp, modern-day look, you will find that this collection fits that exact mold. The Hydroconquest collection is perfect for men looking for cutting-edge designs built to last.

Popular Watch Collections for Women

Longines’s collections for women boast the most elegant watches they have to offer, and the La Grande Classique collection is a shining example of this trait. Each watch gleams with the unparalleled shine of golden hues. Other watches even boast diamond studs on each of the hour hands. Wearers of this collection will often be mistaken for royalty, as these watches are truly fit for a queen.

Those looking for a vintage take on elegant designs will need to look no further than the DolceVita collection. Thin watches in sleek stainless steel have timeless rectangular watch faces that elicit memories of days past. This collection boasts a variety of options for the watch band, ensuring that your watch is as comfortable as it is dazzling. Take a bite out of the sweet life with the DolceVita collection.

The Best Place to Shop Longines Watches

A watch designer with a deep desire for customer satisfaction deserves to be carried by a retailer who shares the same values. Longines’s values align perfectly with our mission statement: to provide high fashion jewelry of impeccable quality at competitive pricing. Merry Richards Jewelers is the perfect place to find great deals on Longines watches. We want to make sure that your watch lasts a lifetime, so we offer cleaning and repair services to make that happen. To find the perfect Longines watch at the best price, browse online or stop by in-store in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.