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Hidden Details to Look for When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

August 15th, 2021

Many brides want their engagement ring to be unique. While artistic and innovative ring styles are available, understated styles can still carry a wealth of delicate details to make your ring stand out from the rest. Sometimes, subtle design elements make up some of the most individual and refined engagement rings on the market. From afar, they may look like a classic solitaire or a halo ring, but hidden details are what make the ring so special.

What Hidden Details Should You Look For?

At Merry Richards, we love the challenge of helping you find an engagement ring that is even better than you imagined. We are excited to share this guide with you which will provide a wealth of ideas on what to look for in an engagement ring.

Let’s look at some of the ways to ensure that your engagement ring is specific to your personal style as well as everything you always wanted in a ring.

Side Stone Settings

Most people can spot a beautiful side stone on an engagement ring from a mile away, but the setting is where you will want to take a closer look. There are three main side stone setting styles that are increasingly popular. Let’s explore all three diamond settings:

  • Prong (or Claw) Setting: Diamonds are secured by distinctive prongs which form a beautiful and delicate basket around the stone, keeping them securely in place. Typically, this style uses significantly less metal allowing more opportunities for the light to reflect off of the surface of the stones.
  • Pavé Setting: Within a pavé setting, you’ll find that the diamonds are arranged closely together using small metal beads, giving the illusion of a paved surface of diamonds. Since this setting can incorporate smaller diamonds in the design, some rings feature multiple rows of shimmering side stones.
  • Channel Setting: A channel setting means the diamonds are held tightly between two ribbons of metal in a groove across the band itself. The sleek linear lines give this diamond setting a modern appeal.

Now that we have shared the basic diamond settings, you will be able to determine which one will fit your needs and complement your style.

Hidden Halos

A remarkable new design, hidden halos—also referred to as under halos—resemble the classic halo design although the collar of diamonds is now set below the center stone. A subtle transformation, this detail is only visible from the side profile of the ring, giving it a surprise element when it catches the light and flashes the unmistakable sparkle.

Simon G.’s Underhalo Engagement Ring is an example of this style, offering a modern sophistication. The diamond collar glistens beautifully when it catches the light, making any bride-to-be fall in love with its detailed hand-craftsmanship.

Gorgeous Gallery Work

The gallery of the ring is the space below the center stone, which designers now use to place hidden diamond details. Peek-a-boo or surprise diamonds are often bezel set stones studded in the gallery or even a row of diamonds set onto the bridge. Typically, you can only see these diamonds from certain angles making it that much more special.

Antique-styled engagement rings often incorporate gallery work into the design. Take a look at this vintage-inspired engagement ring, you will find elegant metalwork with delicate swirls and diamond accents. Welcome old-world luxury into your forever ring.

Diamond Tipped Prongs

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the prong setting is a popular choice for side stones and the center stone, because it minimizes the amount of metal used which allows more light to pass through the diamond. Add even more sparkle to your engagement ring with diamond-tipped prongs.

Diamond accents on delicate prongs are a dazzling addition to any engagement ring. TACORI has perfected this style with this Petite Crescent engagement ring. The flowing diamonds continue down the prongs onto the bridge. Leaving no inch bare, this design results in an extravagant sparkle that is unmistakably brilliant.

It’s A Dream Shopping for An Engagement Ring at Merry Richards

If you are looking for an engagement ring in Oakbrook Terrace, Merry Richards Jewelers should be your first stop. As you embark on the journey of finding yourself or your special someone the perfect engagement ring, let our years of expertise guide the way. Our professional team at our Illinois jewelry store will help you uncover the ring you have been searching for.