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Guide to Women's Wedding Bands

October 18th, 2017

A woman’s wedding band is an intimate and everlasting symbol of the sacred, lifelong union that begins on her wedding day. From the first day of wedded bliss, through the trials and triumphs, as her love and family grows, her wedding band celebrates the unbreakable bond. So much more than a piece of fine jewelry, a wedding band is a representation of life’s most precious vow and cherished commitment. With such a deep meaning encapsulated in a band of metal and jewels, it is no wonder that this momentous purchase is one of the most memorable any woman will make in her lifetime.

A designer Women's Wedding Band  needs to be as individual as the woman who wears it

The top fine jewelry designers feature women’s wedding bands in every setting and style imaginable. Prefer a traditional, understated band to complement your personal taste? There are burnished or gleaming polished metal bands that will take your breath away. For brides to be who embrace the finer things in life, diamond wedding bands are a way to say “I do�?? with fashion and glimmering flair. Prefer the timeless elegance of a vintage look but with a contemporary edge? There are plenty of women’s wedding bands that blend classic elegance with chic style. Want something that stands out in a crowd? Mixed metals, sapphires and other colored gems, and ultra-modern settings are all options for women’s wedding bands that make an unforgettable impression.

With so many stunning choices from the industry’s most elite designers, the hardest part of shopping for your wedding band is choosing just one. The easiest way to get a handle on the abundance of choices is to break it down by setting. There are five main categories to shop: pave, channel, prong, eternity, and diamond. 

Let’s take a look at each one so you can find the right setting for your taste and lifestyle.

1. Pave Wedding Bands

A pave setting is made up of lots of small gemstones (typically diamonds) set closely together and held in place by little metal beads. The beads seem to disappear in the background, giving the appearance of a solid surface of shimmering diamonds. The band looks like it is “paved�?? with diamonds. Diamond pave is a popular option for wedding bands or to accent a larger center stone in engagement rings. Other semiprecious jewels used in pave settings include sapphire, aquamarine and amethyst.

2. Channel Wedding Bands

Channel set wedding bands are a traditional style. In this setting, stones are suspended between two bars or strips of metal, called channels. They are securely set in tiny grooves on either side. This setting is chic, streamlined, and pairs beautifully with a channel set engagement ring. Since this setting offers great security, it is safe for women who sometimes work with their hands and who have a moderately active lifestyle.

3. Prong Wedding Bands

In a prong setting, multiple diamonds are lined up next to each other with each prong clasping two diamonds in place. This is a beautiful setting because it shows off a diamond (or other stone) to the fullest since it uses the least amount of metal. This is a stunning setting to maximize glittering sparkle on your wedding band. This style is best suited to women who do not have an active outdoor lifestyle or work a lot with their hands.

4. Eternity Wedding Bands

Diamond eternity bands have diamonds encircling the entire circumference of the ring. Some future brides adore this setting because of the deeper meaning of eternal love and lasting commitment. Others appreciate that the jewels in this setting are always at the forefront, no matter which way the band turns. These bands make a splendid pairing with an engagement ring, intensifying the brilliance.

5. Diamond Wedding Bands

A diamond wedding band is a graceful way to add a touch of elegance and sparkle. A diamond wedding band paired with a diamond engagement ring amplifies the sparkle and shine. Want to add glorious color and pizzazz to your wedding band? Yellow diamonds and colored sapphires are a gorgeous way to express your personal style and individuality. 

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