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Gold Hoop Earrings: The #1 Jewelry Trend for This Fall

September 1st, 2019

Gold Hoop Earrings: The #1 Jewelry Trend for This Fall

They say that fashion always moves in circles. What was old is new; what’s new will be old, and so on. A woman who’s been through a few of these fashion cycles will undoubtedly remember big hoop earrings being a very late 80s - early 90s trend. But here we are in 2019, and gold hoops are one of the favorite dishes on the buffet table of fashion.

At Merry Richards Jewelers, we like to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve seen the impact gold hoop earrings have had on high fashion and street fashion alike (look to Copenhagen’s Fashion Week for an example!) and now we’re here to turn the spotlight on this trend for you.

Here are some jewelry designers that absolutely excel in creating memorable and unique gold hoop earring styles!

Simon G.

Simon G Hoop Earrings

We turn to Simon G. whenever we want to showcase a masterful designer that knows what luxury is all about. Simon G. wedding bands and engagement rings are the apex of opulence, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that their hoop earrings are glittering affairs as well.

Each of the Simon G. collections is typified by their diamond earring designs, and one of the finest examples of this trend is the Modern Enchantment collection, whose 18k gold hoops are practically encrusted with carats of pave-set diamonds. With this collection’s sleek lines and focus on form, it’s the perfect look for a modern woman.


Henderson Hoop Earrings

Henderson approaches the idea of gold hoop earrings from a more affordable angle without sacrificing any of the luxury. If you set aside their gorgeous 925 sterling silver earrings for a moment, you’ll find a lot to admire in their gold plate and vermeil work—the application of real gold to a stronger metal.

The Luca Scintille is one of the most magnificent examples of how this works out for you. These pieces feature open hoop earrings wrapped with several strands of 18kt gold vermeil wire. The effect is a bold pair of earrings that captures the artisan DIY quality so beloved in modern design.


TACORI Hoop Earrings

It’d be ridiculous to talk about gold hoop earrings and avoid talking about the unique shapes that TACORI manages to add to its fashion jewelry.

When you’re looking for one of the more sculpted looks from a designer known for this feature, you’ll appreciate the Ivy Lane collection. The other pieces in this collection are typified by slender wires of gold that meet in surprising geometric shapes that are decorated with pave-set diamonds. In the case of the Ivy Lane earrings, this expresses itself as curved spaces created by hoops of gold or intertwined “vines” of 18k metal inlaid with almost a carat of diamonds.

Find Gold Hoop Earrings and Other Jewelry Trends at Merry Richards Jewelers

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