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Five Earring Styles for Five Moods

August 24th, 2020

So many beautiful jewelry pieces exist, sometimes it’s hard to choose the style that’s right for you. Figuring out what jewelry you want to wear based on your mood is an imaginative way to accessorize. Learn which moods best correspond with drop earrings, studs, hoops, chandelier, and huggies. Express yourself and your fashion sense simultaneously with this earring style guide.

Feeling Lively

In a lively mood, you’re romantically whimsical and full of energy. You find that you are up for an adventure and keen to socialize. Match this mood with stud earrings.

Shop everything from colorful gemstones, geometric-shaped golds, pearls, and halos! 

Express yourself through a pair of icon studs that feature a whimsical note like butterflies, pineapples, or rainbows. Your day can only brighten when you take a chance to show off your bubbly personality.

Feeling Dramatic

Being in an expressive, flamboyant mood means you are looking to draw all attention to yourself in a bold and daring way. Match your mood with a statement piece: the chandelier earring. The drama starts here.

Bring elegance to your outfit with cascading diamond chandelier earrings. The brilliant shine and exquisite design are entrancing for extravagant events as well as ceremonies.

Pearls are trending in fashion jewelry. In no other jewelry piece has there been more innovation than the pearl earring, with classic curves dressed up with modern energy for a luminous result.

Warm things up with a sapphire and pearl chandelier combo. Playfully express your dramatic mood. Find the perfect chandelier earrings for you.

Feeling Sophisticated

When you feel sophisticated, go for a gorgeously understated look. Huggies pair incredibly well with this mood. These intricately designed earrings fit snug to your ear for a subtle, yet unmistakable style statement.

Consider a modern mixed metal design. Inspire with layered white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold huggies. Feel timeless with a band of pavé.

Feeling Girly

When you feel girly, you are in the mood to dress up for yourself and embrace your ultra-feminine side. This mood is perfectly met with drop earrings!

Drop earrings are visibly delicate, yet crafted from resilient metals. When you’re in this mood, show your elegance and grace with diamond and sizable gemstone earrings highlighting bright citrine or gauzy amethyst by Merry Richards.

Feeling Proud

When you are filled with pride, you move with contagious confidence. The circular design of hoops helps you express this by invoking strength and totality.

Walk with pride in the Pura earrings from Roberto Demeglio. Crafted from black ceramic, the full-figured design is accented with diamonds for a sleek new luxury style.

Find yourself in extra wide hoops for a dramatic statement. Sport eye-catching chunky hoops that are overcome with pavé. Explore modern geometric designs like on-trend triangular hoops. Browse all the hoop designs Merry Richards has to offer!

Shop Expressive Styles at Merry Richards

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