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Everything You Need to Know about the Round Cut Engagement Ring

August 12th, 2020

Everything You Need to Know about the Round Cut Engagement Ring

Few diamond shapes are as iconic as the round cut diamond. The round cut diamond is a staple of many fine and bridal jewelry collections and is often used as the focal point in fashion rings, engagement pieces, and even wedding bands.

The round diamond is designed in such a way that it interacts dynamically with ambient light catching the eye seamlessly. The round cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts, and for that reason, many buyers can feel overwhelmed with the number of options.

To help make things a little easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about the irreplaceable and downright stunning round cut diamond.

One of the Oldest Diamond Cuts in History

The round cut diamond may seem like a popular trend, but in truth, the diamond cut has been around for centuries and is suspected to be one of the first diamond cut shapes. While it is one of the oldest diamond cuts, the round diamond reached its peak of popularity in 1919 and had remained at the top ever since.

The dazzling shape of these diamonds can vary marginally from designer to designer, but they will almost always take on a faceted circular shape. Due to the way they’re designed, round diamonds tend to look larger than their counterparts. As a result, they can also end up being pricier, which is something to look out for when purchasing a round cut diamond ring.

Some Tips for Buying Round Cut Rings

Nearly every designer uses the round cut diamond in their collections. Praised for their brilliance, and size, the round diamond can be utilized in a variety of ways. What makes a round cut diamond ring stand out is the way it is set in a jewelry piece. There are a vast number of diamond settings to choose from, and each setting can dramatically change the look of the piece.

Round cut engagement rings at Merry Richards Jewelers

Most common amongst engagement rings, the solitaire setting showcases the elegance of the round diamond, by presenting it alone upon a set of prongs. This is the classic setting choice and is a prime example of the idea that less is more.

The halo setting is probably one of the most dazzling setting variations. Set at the center of a halo ring is a large round cut diamond. Surrounding this eye-popping center stone is a cluster of smaller round cut diamonds that add to the spectacle. A halo round cut diamond ring is a perfect choice for those who want a ring that isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

As mentioned before, round cut diamonds are typically more expensive than other diamond cuts. While this can turn many buyers away, you will end up paying for a diamond that looks bigger and catches light in spectacular ways. Few diamonds are as bright and beautiful as the round diamond. When buying a round cut engagement ring, wedding band, or fashion piece it always helps to have the guidance of a skilled and professional jeweler with years of experience in the industry.

How Merry Richards Jewelers Can Help

If you’re looking for a round cut diamond ring, but don’t know where to start, the well-versed staff at Merry Richards can help point you in the right direction. They can help you find the round cut diamond ring or other luxury jewelry piece that’s a perfect fit for you or a loved one.

With an exquisite showroom in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois there are many options for hopeful jewelry buyers in the Northbrook, Evanston, Hinsdale, and Naperville areas. Merry Richards also offers professional jewelry services like jewelry repair, cleaning services, and custom ring designs.

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