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Discover the Rose Gold Trend

November 15th, 2017

For many, the holiday season is also known as the season of love. Centered around giving and sharing, many hopeless romantics find themselves enthralled with this time of year and excitedly plan for the next big step in their love life. An engagement is a beautiful moment in time and Merry Richards Jewelers wants to help you create the absolute perfect experience. As you start envisioning the big day and begin your search for the quintessential engagement ring, look no further. We have a picturesque collection of rings that are sure to catch your eye!

The stone shape, metal, setting, number of diamonds, and style are all important factors to consider when searching for the perfect ring. It is not only a symbol of your willingness to get married now, but will serve as a lifelong reminder of the commitment you have made to your partner. Make a thoughtful decision and envision the dreams of your significant other. A ring is ultimately a reflection of two people becoming one and should resemble the dreams you two share together.

The rose gold engagement ring has become a popular choice as it’s color and vibrancy is pleasantly unexpected. For the past century, white gold, yellow gold and platinum have dominated the market. The rose gold engagement ring is a fresh take on the standard engagement ring, appealing to newer generations.

Simon G

Simon G’s Passion Collection stays true to its name. The fervent collection is full of life. The vintage halo rings will consume your eye with a profound array of color. The contrast between the brilliant diamond and the rose tint leaves a strong impression. The Garden Collection is made of vintage and milgrain rings that display mild references of rose gold. This collection is subtler, but is beautifully enhanced with splashes of rose gold. Simon G is a highly desired designer and their rose gold rings are top quality.


TACORI’s Simply TACORI Collection is simply elegant. The vintage and milgrain rings often features an oval center stone. This collection is perfect for timeless love that endures all. The Petite Crescent Collection is valiant, and the rings are exemplary for a love that works together to overcome all. These vintage solitaire rings are powerfully daring just like true love. The diamonds are highlighted by the strong presence of rose gold.

Christopher Designs

Two of Christopher Designs collections feature rose gold rings. The Crisscut L’Amour Collection includes vintage halo rings with a thick rose gold band. The oval center stone is the crowning highlight to this ring style. The Crisscut Round Collection also features vintage halo rings with a thinner rose gold band and a round center stone, complete with square edges.

Whichever collection you choose from, rose gold engagement rings are a beautiful alternative to the standard engagement ring. If you are looking for something unique, yet desired, the rose gold ring is a fantastic choice!