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Discover the Beauty of Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

October 15th, 2021

Some people enjoy donning the latest and greatest jewelry fashions. Others have a special appreciation for styles of years past. If you appreciate the glamor and romance of days gone by, a vintage-inspired engagement ring might be the perfect way to celebrate your love. From delicate filigree designs to bold Art Deco styles, there’s a retro ring that’s perfect for every bride.

Key Periods that Have Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

Considering a vintage-inspired engagement ring? If so, it pays to do your research. Dive into the following eras to learn more about the styles of the time and figure out which best suits you best:

  • Georgian: Ranging from 1714-1830, Georgian jewelry is rare and can be difficult to find. However, there are plenty of Georgian-inspired engagement and wedding rings out there. Expect these settings to feature ornate metal detailing and motifs like flowers and foliage.
  • Victorian: The Victorian era spans the 64-year reign of Queen Victoria and lasts from the 1830s to the early 1900s. Traditional Victorian jewelry features romantic touches and encompasses an intricate, ornate, and opulent style.
  • Edwardian: Honoring the reign of Victoria’s son, King Edward, this period features jewelry with delicately detailed designs. Additionally, platinum rings came into fashion during this time.
  • Art Deco: Referring to styles common in the 1920s and 30s, Art Deco engagement rings bring to life the glamour and decadence of the Jazz Age. Meanwhile, geometric lines and silhouettes bring an architectural edge to these designs.

Vintage Design Details

Vintage-style engagement rings are renowned for their quality craftsmanship and distinctive design elements. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular techniques used to craft these enchanting rings.

  • Hand-Engravings: Elaborate designs are etched into the metal by hand in order to create a more ornate appearance. From a geometric pattern to floral designs, engravings can take a myriad of forms on the outer band or the edges of the ring.
  • Milgrain: A beaded finish that provides a subtle embellishment. Milgrain detailing is used in a variety of designs from outlining an intricate pattern on the shank to adding texture to the gallery.
  • Filigree: Pliable threads twisted or curled into the ring’s setting, which can also be referred to as scrollwork. Filigree is especially common in the gallery of the engagement ring to give a unique distinction to the profile of the engagement ring in a cathedral setting.
  • Antique Halos: This refers to an arrangement of diamonds that encircles the center stone. While modern halos are usually circular, antique-styled halos use elegant curves and points to create a beautifully detailed frame around the center stone.

Popular Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings from TACORI

TACORI has been creating dazzling engagement rings for decades. Here are some of the vintage-inspired styles perfect for those with a passion for times gone by.

TACORI Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut rings are a hallmark of the roaring 20s, so it’s no surprise this Petite Crescent design made our list. We especially love the pavé side stones and romantic marquise-shaped vintage band. As a bonus, this style features a dramatic 360-degree silhouette, so you can appreciate the ring from all angles.

TACORI Three Stone Engagement Ring

Vividly representing a couple’s past, present, and future, three stone rings feature a trio of diamonds with a prominent center stone and two smaller stones flanking each side. We’re especially fond of this three stone engagement ring from the Simply TACORI collection, which features a pear-shaped stone at the center. The cathedral setting wraps the underside of the diamonds with milgrain lined tendrils and glittering accent stones.

TACORI Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring

Love the look of a halo? If so, it’s hard to beat this vintage-inspired engagement ring. Incorporating the very best of Art Deco and Edwardian fashions, this geometric halo ring gets added excitement from the French cut setting and baguette diamonds. Choose from an array of metals, including platinum and rose gold.

Find Your Dream Vintage-Inspired Ring at Merry Richards

Whether you’re looking for a vintage-inspired engagement ring or something with modern flair, we’re confident that the team at Merry Richards Jewelers can help. Shop our selection online and then find a location near you. We look forward to helping you and the love of your life celebrate this next chapter together.