Chunky Chain Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know About This Trend

August 6th, 2018

Chunky Chain Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know About This Trend

Tracking fashion trends is a full-time job, so we've been researching what's making an impact on the fall collections and chunky chain jewelry is having a huge influence. As the lead for our favorite for fall, the selection for this trend offers up an amazing range of style and signature quality.

These bold pieces can create the focus for an entire outfit or take an exciting look to a whole new level. A single bracelet works well with a cocktail dress or formal evening wear. Layering necklaces with at least one piece of chunky chain jewelry echo the funky mix and max trends of everyday streetwear. We also love the way just one dazzling necklace stands out with the perennially classic little black dress.

Selecting A Statement Piece

Silver Chains and Rose Gold Bracelet by TACORI

Whether you go for a bracelet or necklace, chunky chain jewelry catches the eye and steals the show. A silver TACORI chain with oval links that start small and work their way to the larger size that suits the style's name is a great way to ease into this trend. Wear it under the collar of a button-down shirt for professional outfits, or with a scooped neck dress to highlight its stunning dazzle.

An exquisite rose gold bracelet with diamond-encrusted links plays beautifully with daytime wear or evening classics. For minimalists who still prefer to strike an elegant tone, chunky chain jewelry that mixes metals or features a few gemstone accents hits all the right notes.

Layering That Looks Chic

When paired with strands of varying style and widths worn with or without charms and pendants, a piece of chunky chain jewelry adds a hint of luxury that stands out from the mix. Displayed together with necklaces in similar tones and different lengths, you can rock a boho chic look by day and a decadent legend by night.

Engraved, bejeweled gold bangle

This works amazingly well when an engraved, bejeweled gold bangle can be worn with a multitude of its thinner sister or even matched with a few hammered and adorned cuffs. The less each piece looks like the other, the funkier feel it gives your overall look. To keep it streamlined and minimalist, pick a few that have the same metallic tones or matching gemstones.

Choosing Chunky Chain Jewelry

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Bracelets

The best way to pick the next piece to add to your jewelry collection is to think of what you're missing, first. Do you have your basics covered and need a bracelet that freshens up your style options? Pick the rose gold links with intricate diamond details. The blend of geometric shapes and resplendent tones work beautifully together.

If you're not sure you can pull off a chunky chain necklace but still want to try out the trend, a traditional yellow gold with diamond links gives you all the hallmarks of a classic piece that you can wear again and again. The elegant simplicity of this bracelet's take on the chunky chain style acts as the perfect gateway to enjoying the trend at its best.

Here at Merry Richards Jewelers, we're passionate about helping our customers find the perfect piece to add to their collection, especially trending items like these from our chunky chain jewelry selection. Call us with any questions and we'll be happy to guide you in your purchase.