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Christopher Designs: Reimagined Diamond Jewelry with a Sparkle Like No Other

July 1st, 2019

Christopher Designs: Reimagined Diamond Jewelry with a Sparkle Like No Other

In 1981, jeweler Christopher Slowinski set up a studio in New York, bringing the craft traditions of his native Poland to the cultural exuberance of the United States. In the nearly 40 years since the company’s inception, Christopher Designs has become a name synonymous with inventiveness.

The designer’s famous “Crisscut” versions of traditional shapes revises them utterly, investing old shapes with new facets and traits that diamond lovers may not expect. Here at Merry Richards Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer both engagement rings and wedding bands from Christopher Designs, and the sheer creativity that goes into each piece means that no matter your preferences, there’s something for you in our showcases. Today, we’re going to turn the spotlight on Christopher Designs to show off what makes their designs so perfect.

Christopher Designs Engagement Rings


The Christopher Designs Crisscut pattern can be divided into two categories: Crisscut Original and L’Amour Crisscut. The former features four popular shapes—Asscher, cushion, emerald, and round—that have been given the Christopher Designs treatment; and the latter takes traditional diamond shapes and reimagines their facets to make them wider (and bigger to the eye) rather than deeper.

Here at Merry Richards Jewelers, we offer engagement rings from both lines. But don’t think that Christopher Designs’ inventiveness ends with their diamonds.

On the contrary, Christopher Designs sculpts flower-petal halos, halos with the decorative intricacy of a lotus, and neoclassical arrangements of trapezoid-cut side stones all give the Crisscut Original line an elegance that can’t be matched. The L’Amour Crisscut line features settings that exemplify the width of their special cuts: Slender bands and halos work to place the diamonds front-and-center. The fact that they design their pieces in top-quality 18k white and yellow gold only adds to the refinement of these engagement rings.

Christopher Designs Wedding Bands


Noted for their diamond-cutting specialty, Christopher Designs works to showcase those stones in their wedding bands as ardently as they do in their engagement rings. Given that wedding bands are usually less diamond-studded than their engagement ring counterparts, this gives Christopher Design wedding bands a level of luxury that you may not have expected.

For example, the designer’s wedding band offerings include a gorgeous band that places 7 of its Crisscut diamonds (both emerald and round cuts) at the forefront of a luxurious white gold band. The 2 carats of diamonds on display glitter with a stunning intensity. Alternatively, the robust halos that Christopher Designs worked into their engagement rings can be found here, surrounding Crisscut cushion diamonds with ribbons of fire and light.

For something a little different, keep in mind that Christopher Designs also offers choices in 18k yellow gold and Crisscut-style fancy yellow diamonds, which means that the woman who prefers a little whimsy in her symbol of “I do” will have something that accurately reflects her diamond and style aesthetics.

Find Christopher Designs and More at Merry Richards Jewelers

Here at Merry Richards Jewelers, we take pride in the bridal jewelry we offer, as well as our expertise in understanding the science of diamonds. That passion is what allows us to put Christopher Designs and their iconic cuts on a pedestal. We can’t recommend their work highly enough, and if you’re interested in finding out more about them, contact us at 1-630-516-8000, or visit our Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois showroom today!