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6 Classic Jewelry Styles that Will Stand the Test of Time

October 10th, 2018

6 Classic Jewelry Styles that Will Stand the Test of Time

Some jewelry styles just never go out of style. They will always be in fashion, and you will enjoy their classic elegance in much the same way that your mother and grandmother did in their times. These definitive pieces will forever add a touch of understated glamour to any outfit on almost any occasion.

There are many ways to integrate these standards into your everyday wardrobe.

Staples like tennis bracelets, diamond studs, and dainty pendants fit just as perfectly with a little black dress as they do with a dress top, jeans, and boots. Statement rings, huggies, and eternity bands look just as fitting with a professional-looking pantsuit ready for the office as they do with a sequin-covered gown. The versatility of these archetypes is amazing and that is why they are timeless.

Six Enduring Classic Jewelry Styles

Tennis Bracelets

Merry Richards Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are gorgeous wrist adornments formed by precious stones in a single chain linked together. Most commonly, these stones are diamonds.

Tennis bracelets, like this one from our designer collection, are stylish pieces that can easily add sophistication to any run-of-the-mill party dress, such as a cocktail dress or any other semi-formal frock. The instant transformation after adding the sparkly accessory will not be lost on fashionistas!

Statement Rings

Merry Richards Statement Rings

Statement rings are just so much fun. Whether they are costume pieces or authentic, these baubles are dramatic, over-the-top, and demand a lot of confidence in the wearer.

Statement rings work best with casual outfits like a pair of slacks or jeans with a dressed-down type of top, like a solid-colored tunic. Printed bottoms such as skirts or trousers won’t take away from the unique piece of art that is a statement ring, but a busy top may unintentionally overshadow it.

Diamond Studs

Christopher Designs Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings are so very versatile. Ones like this set from Christopher Designs can be worn with nearly anything and never look out of place. They work best in situations where they are allowed to shine without being drowned out by a distracting dress or shirt pattern. They look especially attractive in the winter paired with a soft sweater and an eternity scarf.


Henderson Huggie Earrings

Huggies are earrings that are slightly larger than studs, but more closely resemble hoops. These hoops, however, are small enough in size to “hug” the earlobe, hence their nickname.

These classy pieces from Henderson work especially-well with a three-piece business suit, accompanied by a pair of leather pumps. They truly are the perfect accessory to sport while breaking through the glass ceiling.

Eternity Bands

Merry Richards Eternity Bands

A classic example of the perfect wedding band, eternity rings in fashion collections are not just for those that have just been hitched. They are also the consummate trinket to add a bit of glow to an otherwise everyday outfit, like a floral sundress.

Dainty Pendants

Henderson Dainty Pendants

A dainty pendant, another perennial favorite, can add flavor to the most mundane of outfits. Whether you chose yellow, white, or rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum, these graceful delights feature charms that range from flowers to hearts to religious symbols, and they usually represent a special piece of the wearer. This one, also from Henderson, looks beautiful with solid-colored tops and dresses where their beauty can truly shine.

If you just adore the timeless pieces we described here, be sure to call or visit Merry Richards Jewelers to learn more about our vast selection. We have these staples in a variety of precious metals featuring an array of gemstones, so contact us today.