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5 Reasons to Shop for Engagement Rings Together

March 16th, 2021

Despite what you may think, engagement ring shopping together is thrilling, self-fulfilling, and full of surprises! There are so many benefits to shopping for an engagement ring together. Ultimately, it will do nothing but strengthen your bond. When you know you’ll spend your life together, that’s all you can ask for! Explore these five reasons to go engagement ring shopping together.

You Get to Try On Numerous Rings

Trying on as many rings as you want is to your benefit! It may sound like a trick, but it’s not. Having the opportunity to try on engagement rings removes all the guesswork and allows you to course-correct in places you wouldn’t have expected.

Finding the right engagement ring is truly a journey. When you try on engagement rings in-person, the experience is completely different than browsing online. A diamond cut that you once thought was perfect, you now realize is gauche. A ring that you would have previously passed on, you’re now in love with.

You Get the Perfect Fit

Secretly finding your partner’s ring size can be pretty fun if not clandestine, but it does take a lot of work. When you shop engagement rings together, you get the perfect fit the first time. Stroll into a local jeweler and tell them you want to find your ring size. The jeweler will happily size your ring finger and help you try on engagement rings.

You Get the Perfect Ring within Your Budget

When you shop engagement rings together, you get to decide on the budget together! As a couple, you have many shared goals some of which are monetary. When you budget together, you learn where you both want to put your money.

If your partner feels anxiety about how much to spend on a diamond cut and carat weight, this might alleviate the pressure by discussing the budget and options. Often, it reveals a different path to find a style that is comfortable for both partners. While it may not sound romantic, discussing finances will be a major skill to develop throughout the marriage. You’re strengthening your bond by making this decision as a couple.

You Get Guidance from the Experts

It’s important to do your own research before you make a purchase. Even so, you may do your research and still have some inquiries! This is where your jeweler of choice comes in. Which diamond cut best complements my ring finger? What are the 4 Cs for this diamond? Can this ring be modified? And so on. With this information, you can make an informed purchase.

You Learn That, Yeah, Shopping Together is Romantic

Not only will you be charmed that your partner wants you to give you exactly what you want, but you will also end up with a ring that is exactly what you want. It’s a win-win. Plus, all of the sharing and caring is honestly romantic and something you should celebrate! Plan a celebratory and romantic dinner together after you’ve made the purchase to commemorate the day.

Begin Your Engagement Ring Journey

Do your engagement ring shopping together at Merry Richards Jewelers. Shopping for an engagement ring is a journey and we are excited to help you along the way. Our highly-skilled, personable staff can help you find the perfect engagement ring that fits your style and budget. For exceptional selection and service, shop engagement rings at Merry Richards Jewelers.