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2020 Jewelry Trends Are Bolder and Brighter Than Ever

January 1st, 2020

2020 Jewelry Trends Are Bolder and Brighter Than Ever

With the dawn of not only a new year, but a new decade, it’s the perfect time to refresh your jewelry collection. Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to express yourself and set you apart. And the jewelry trends for 2020 are definitely designed to make you stand out.

Gone is the minimalism of past years. Bigger, bolder, and brighter are the mottos of jewelry designers for 2020. The latest trends take the meaning of statement jewelry to a whole new level, and you’re going to love what you see.

Jewelry That Stands Out

Of course, following a trend doesn’t have to mean you’re just wearing what everyone else is wearing. You should always take a trend and make it your own. But to get you started, here are the top jewelry trends of 2020.

  • 1.XL Hoops: Leading the charge for bigger is better is hoop earrings. You’re going to start seeing supersized hoops everywhere, and there are so many choices. You can go with thin but super big hoops that go all the way to your shoulders, or smaller but chunkier ones with a bold design. No matter what choice you decide on, these hoops definitely stand out.
  • 2.XL Chains: If you thought chunky chains were popular before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Chain necklaces are another accessory seeing an increase in size. Not only that, but designers are playing with different materials, like resin and acrylic, as well as mixing metals.
  • 3.Chokers: In addition to chains, huge chokers and collar necklaces are also more popular than ever, taking statement necklaces to the next level. Pair these with a simple open-collared shirt or crewneck for maximum effect.
  • 4.Pearls: A couple of trends are throwing it back to the classics. One of them includes pearls, with modern twists. You’ll see them used in everything from drop earrings and ear cuffs to rings and necklaces. The reinvention of pearls is definitely something to look forward to in 2020.
  • 5.Silver Jewelry: Gold and rose gold have had their moment. Now we’re returning to silver as the metal of choice for jewelry makers. So expect to see silver incorporated into a lot of the aforementioned jewelry trends!
  • 6.Bright Colors: Finally, if silver isn’t your thing, don’t fret! Colors are making a big splash on the jewelry scene next season. A fashion ring with a bright gemstone is the perfect way to accessorize this coming spring!

jewelry trends at merry richards in 2020

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