Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

The finish of a wedding band completely affects the band's style and appearance. Different techniques used by metalsmiths can affect the look and texture of a ring. There are a variety of choices that help personalize a band, ensuring that it will match the wearer's aesthetic.

Polished Finish

A polished finish has a reflective, glossy surface, drawing attention as it refracts light back to the viewer. This finish is a classic choice, ideal for the traditionalist. One aspect of this finish to keep in mind is that scratches are more easily noticeable on the glossy surface; however, this can be compensated for by having a highly durable metal band such as tungsten.

Satin Finish

The gentle glow from a satin finish makes it the second most popular option for wedding bands. Similar to the polish finish, the surface of a satin ring is smooth. The only difference is that it is less reflective, making a wedding band more understated. A satin finish seamlessly fits any style.

Matte Finish

The matte finish is made for someone who prefers a more subdued band. The non-reflective surface of a matte finish resembles velvet, with a soft texture that does not shine as much as the polish or satin finishes. The matte finish is a favorite for men’s wedding bands, many of them loving the subtle tone of the finish.

Brushed Finish

The rough texture of the ring is a huge draw for men who want something that appears a little bit more rugged. Another perk of this finish is that scratches do not appear on the surface easily, with many small scrapes blending in naturally with the finish.

Hammered Finish

Jewelers use hammers of different shapes to achieve the surface's dents, making it one of the most unique and distinctive finishes. Once a band has been hammered, the artisanal ring has a satin finish applied to it, creating a muted, textured surface.

Sandblasted Finish

For those who prefer heavily textured wedding bands, the sandblasted finish has the most noteworthy exteriors of any of the other finishes. Reminiscent of sandpaper, the surface has a rough, coarse texture. Its noticeably grainy feel is a unique choice, with a completely opaque surface that is scratch resistant and hides flaws that may accrue over time.

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