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Do you want something beautiful and timeless to show the whole world that you’re committed to the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with? Then you’re interested in engagement rings. Unbreakable diamonds and incorruptible gold and platinum come together to make something that will symbolize a one-of-a-kind love forever. If you’re living in Hinsdale and looking for an engagement ring that’s ideal for your special someone, why settle for anything less than perfection? When you come to Merry Richards Jewelers, you’ll immediately enter a showroom where filigrees and flawless side-stones rule, as well as GIA-certified diamonds right for your tastes.


Traditionally, engagement rings have been exclusively pale affairs, emphasizing white gold and white diamonds. But if you’ve got a passion for color that can’t be satisfied with that, you should browse our Simon G.. engagement rings from the Vintage Explorer collection. Simon G. rings are great about utilizing different colors of gold, but this collection celebrates interplays of yellow and rose gold, as well as pink and yellow diamonds. Emeralds and sapphires add another flash of grace to these rings. Christopher Designs, with their iconic “Crisscut” diamond, offers collections of engagement rings built to accentuate the beauty of shapes like the Crisscut Asscher or Crisscut Cushion.

Opulence is something celebrated in engagement rings—the exuberance of finding one’s forever love and binding your life to theirs is best represented by a bold, beautiful ring. If that’s your mindset, you won’t find anything more remarkable than the Tacori RoyalT collection. Made exclusively to hold center stones 2 carats and larger, these platinum rings surround them with diamonds that would be center stones in any other ring. The luminous Tacori crescents carved into the shanks of these rings allow light through and give the piece an airy profile. With milgrain beading and lacy filigrees to complement the diamonds, a RoyalT ring is something to be treasured for generations.


If you’re in Hinsdale and not finding the engagement ring of your dreams, we here at Merry Richards Jewelers encourage you to turn your eyes toward slightly north. Here in Oakbrook Terrace, Merry Richards Jewelers is a name synonymous with exceptional bridal jewelry, and we’re always ready to offer you a glass of wine and a curated collection of engagement rings that will dazzle your imagination. Since 1985, we’ve been a fixture of our community, and we spend our year split between serving our customers and discovering new collections that will wow them. If you’re coming up to Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois from the Hinsdale area and would like to know more about our engagement rings, contact us today at 1-630-516-8000!