Diamond Shapes to Know


Each diamond cut has unique features, one that adds more sparkle, while another adds deeper color. Not only that, but the cut can convey different aesthetics, like the eternally modern princess cut versus the traditional round. Since the center stone is the focal point of many rings, it is essential to know which diamond cut will suit your style best.


A timeless option, the round cut diamond allows for the most sparkle, with around 58 carefully cut facets that strategically reflect the light. Diamond cutters have been perfecting the brilliant round for over a hundred years, always in pursuit of the highest amount of brilliance. Since it is one of the most versatile and popular choices for brides, the round cut has plenty of options in terms of shanks, metal types, and amount of detail.


The second most popular choice for brides, the princess cut diamond's distinctive square shape creates a contemporary feel. Created in the 1960s, the princess cut has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to the brilliant round cut. The alluring sharp corners paired with the fantastic sparkle make for a glamorous, feminine impression. The geometric shape lends itself beautifully to modern designs, making it ideal for brides that want something chic and intriguing


For those who want a round diamond's brilliance but a unique shape, the oval cut is ideal. The elongated shape creates a romantic, elegant feel, especially when paired with a rose gold band. While they look just as stunning on their own, the brilliance of this cut can be amped up with a halo or side stones. While still not common, the oval cut is growing in popularity as more people realize its inherent beauty.


At once modern and timeless, the emerald cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes. Created to show off the rich colors of gemstones, this cuts unusual facet positioning reflects on itself, like a tiny hall of mirrors. Only 3% of diamonds are emerald cuts, making it one of the rarest diamond cuts in the world. They are versatile enough to fit in modern and vintage styles, with many opting to go with a classic solitaire to show off its clean lines.


The pear shaped diamond, also known as a tear-drop, is an elegant choice for a refined woman. The cut is defined by its round end gracefully coming to a point at the other end. Creating a delicate balance between the sparkling brilliant round and the dramatic marquise cut, the pear shaped diamond can be on its own or paired with something more glamorous like a halo or side stones. No matter what style is chosen, brides will love the innate beauty and sophistication that the pear-shaped cut brings.


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