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A Brief History of the Piaget Watch Designer Brand

September 1, 2015

The beginnings of the fine jewelry and luxury watch designer brand Piaget can be traced back to 1874. It was then in La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland, that Georges Édouard Piaget made his own small workshop on the edge of the farm where he lived with his family. Soon, he was spending all his time in the rustic shed, sketching designs and committing himself to learning how to create functional timepieces that were both high-precision and aesthetically appealing.

Within a few short years, Georges had made a name for himself as a quality designer who could compete with the best. Soon, he began supplying to the best brands on the market, and his name and reputation grew even larger. His pieces were recognized by industry leader for their precise watch movements and superior designs. His workshop grew, and he was able to hire more employees to help his company develop. His family, including his son, learned the business and eventually inherited it.

In 1943, the company, now run by Georges Piaget’s grandsons, registered his last name as the brand, Piaget, which we all recognize today. It was then that he started selling his luxury watches under his own name, and ensured that each timepiece bore his signature.

Along with the registration of the brand, the two grandsons, Gérald and Valentin, expanded the company internationally. They were instrumental in helping the name Piaget become known the world over. After WWII, the world looked at material goods in a new way. Minimalism became appealing to the masses, and Piaget company took notice. They designed a previously unheard of ultra-thin movement, which enabled them to manufacture super thin watches. These thin watches became one of the company’s hallmarks, and continues to be recognized today as a classic Piaget feature. In 1960, the Caliber 12P was designed by the company, and it is still the world’s thinnest watch movement. Swiss watchmakers took notice of Piaget’s maverick design. Though others have tried to emulate the Piaget style, no one has yet been able to improve upon the company’s continuing innovative techniques and design. It seems that Piaget is always one step ahead of the competition. One such move that the company made was to expand into fine jewelry and heirloom jewelry. Their line of jewelry continues to grow to this day. Whoever would have guessed that young George Piaget would be starting an entire legacy of luxury watches, engagement rings, wedding rings, and diamond necklaces when he first stepped foot in his humble workshop. Even he could not have known he was opening the door to his family’s future.

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