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By Emily G You’ve been with your partner for a while and things are getting serious.  It’s time to pop the question, but first; what style does she like and more importantly, what is her ring size?  After all, she can’t show off the ring to her girlfriends if it falls in their drink!  Luckily,… read more

If you are looking for a remarkable gift to give this holiday season, a fine timepiece is a great item for you to consider. Watches come in a wide range of styles, price ranges, and may include a variety of exquisite features. Before you head out the door to find the perfect luxury wristwatch for… read more

The beginnings of the fine jewelry and luxury watch designer brand Piaget can be traced back to 1874. It was then in La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland, that Georges Édouard Piaget made his own small workshop on the edge of the farm where he lived with his family. Soon, he was spending all his time in the… read more

-Hermes International SA, the exclusive high-fashion luxury goods brand, is renowned around the world for their outstanding craftsmanship and high quality watch and jewelry design. Merry Richards Jewelers is now proud to offer this exclusive line of fabulous timepieces to Chicagoland. The legend goes back to 1837, in Paris, where Thierry Hermes established the company… read more

We pride ourselves on seeking out and selecting the most precious quality loose diamonds in the world. Merry and Richard is an expert diamond buyer who personally travels to major cutting centers around the world making certain that each and every stone gets the finest and most meticulous cut possible. We pride ourselves on seeking… read more